We all experience anxiety. From time to time. Its a natural response to say an impending exam. Or going to a job interview or going to the dentist or doctor. Or when we perceive ourselves to be in danger. The fight or flight response is wired into us from the cave days. When we chose to fight or flee. I see a person with anxiety as someone. Who in fact cannot choose between fight or flight. Both options cause them tremendous anxiety because they dont see either option as a positve option for them. They make up stories in thier head. About each option and the calamaties that are going to befall them if they choose either one. Thier anxiety is totally felt too in thier bodies, fast heartrate, breathlessness, nausea, knots in the gut and headaches. Where does the anxiety come from for them? There is strong evidence now that a lot of the anxiety is hereditary and definitly learned from a parent who would have learned inherited it, from a parent of thiers. Personally I think that the world around us is absolutely full of anxious experiences on a daily basis. Like the constant stress experienced about your job longevity. Or even having a job that pays enough for your needs. Here in far north Queensland the anxiety has been constant in Townsville,  Over the loss of their jobs in the mines and whether Adani was going to be given the green light. All over Northern Queensland the anxiety resulting in depression, poverty and ill health. The way we live vicariously through our social media facebook Instagram Snapchat.  making sure we present our best self to the world. We are connected to hundreds of facebook friends we have never met. Many of us  do not seem to make the time to meet up with our friends or if we do we cancel at the last minute.

What to do about anxiety? Of course those who suffer hugley from it do seek medication. For others and those on medication there are so many other forms of help. Like meditation, hypnosis, yoga, breathing techniques, eating properly exercise, counsellors and psychologists. Organisations like Beyond Blue, Lifeline and Meetup groups in every city that you can access for friendship and help. There is massage and so many other therapies I have not mentioned. The main thing is you dont have to suffer in silence. Reach out for help and your first person may be your GP. Dont wait you don’t have to do this alone. And if you know someone with anxiety reach out to them and help.