Cathy now taking appointment In Cairns Mt Sheridan and Online Australia and Worldwide.
I am now living and working in big sunny Cairns- well its raining non stop now.. I am open for business in Mt Sheridan for hypnosis services. Can’t wait to help my new clients quit smoking, add them to the 650 clients I have already helped quit smoking. Or to help them reduce their anxiety, get over a fear or phobia or increase their sports performance. Anything really that’s the beauty of hypnosis. I am conducting hypnosis sessions live and online so it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia or in the world. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and webcam, it can be done on your PC-Laptop- iPad and phone. I actually conducted an online session last week for a past client who was in Victoria. She wanted help with stopping bingeing and the session ended up being conducted on her phone and in her car. That gave us both a laugh- for her it was the only place she could get some privacy. Also offering hypnomassage where you are given hypnotic suggestions whilst being massaged. Give me a call or text – email to discuss.