Do you have a Needle Phobia?


Do you have a Needle Phobia? Need to get vaccinated?

Do you need to get vaccinated right now – but are too scared? Did that fear originate in childhood?

Mine did. That’s me in the photo.  I was 5 and it was time to get an immunization at school. I was so scared I ran away from school that day. The next day my mother took me to the town hall to have my immunization with the babies.  Reinforcing my fear and increasing my embarrassment, at having to line up with the babies. Where did I get that initial fear from? I don’t know. We can be afraid of something – simply by hearing or seeing someone else have a fearful experience. We can learn to be traumatized by watching a movie or a real-life event like 9/11. I finally managed to rid myself of my fear of needles as I grew older. By using imagery, positive thoughts and responses.  I would tell myself that it was not going to hurt and I imagined the really sick children who had to have needles all the time. If they could do it so, could I once in a while. When I took my own children for needles, I changed my language to be reassuring.   Hypnosis can dissolve your needle phobia and others much the same way except quicker than it was for me! In the hypnotic process we employ relaxation techniques, breathing and wonderful imagery. Better thoughts, feelings and responses to the once feared experience. Letting go of that childhood memory.

Love to help you and I promise it won’t hurt a bit?

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