What better way to show you care by giving the gift of hypnosis this Christmas to a family member or a friend. Improving peoples health and well being in any area of their lives by using the power of their subconscious mind.

Choose from the highly successful Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes program with the Lifetime Guarantee or the highly successful Six Easy Rules of Weight Loss Program ( Face to Face Hypnosis), where clients can lose between one to two Kilos per week.

Maybe someone you know suffers from anxiety or a lack of confidence or suffers from performance anxiety whether that be as an athlete, an actor, a child or someone who is facing a daunting evert like public speaking or an exam. Hypnosis can be used as a therapy for almost anything and the very best thing about it, is that is it completely drug free and you get to relax like you have never relaxed before!!

Maybe someone just wants to come along and relax in my recliner whilst I make helpful suggestions to them which when accepted can change the bad habits, negative emotions and behaviours to positive empowering ones.

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Please give Cathy a call or an email to find out more about hypnosis.