How Can Hypnosis Help You Regain Your Confidence?

Had a knock recently lost a job a relationship? Or simply haven’t felt like your confident self for ages. Or maybe you are a golfer and have the yipps? I want to show you how can Hypnosis Help You Regain Your Confidence.

w Can Hypnosis Help You Regain Your Confidence?

Lets take the golfer for example who keeps mucking his shot up . Over and over again before he even putts the ball, he has mentally prepared himself to miss it. And then he repeats, repeats that thought and gets that result constantly.

So, under hypnosis in a deep state of relaxation and focused concertation the hypnotist will give the golfer the suggestion he needs to putt that ball in every time. How – via visualisation playing that ball mentally into the hole every time. Repeating that movie again using his imagination and again in the hypnosis and adding in the feelings of confidence and success by getting him to access those times when he was a dead eyed dick. Anchoring those feelings by say getting him to squeeze his hand before the shot. Then repeating the suggestions heard in the hypnosis at home with the post hypnosis recording over and over. How do you become good at something after you have the skills? You practice and repeat and repeat. This what hypnosis is, accompanied by a cultivated belief of the subconscious and conscious mind in the session.