What’s the quickest way to get over a break up?

Some recommend getting rid of anything that reminds you of the other person, photos, jewellery, clothes, one woman I knew made a big bonfire and burned all her former partners’ belongings.
Maybe that gets rid of the physical stuff but what about the memories the feelings the anguish, remorse hurt bitterness and sadness?

I like the idea of going through the process of remembering all the things about him or her that you didn’t like, the constant arguments, the bad times if you like, which is why you decided to break up in the first place.
Why would you want to wallow in the grief and the hurt whilst selectively remembering only the good times you had together which will prevent you getting over him or her?

Women tend to wallow in the good times forgetting the bad and not throw out stuff whilst men usually once they have decided to split really do seem to put it behind them and move on quite rapidly to the next relationship.
The next step in getting over it, is to link pleasure with all the benefits of not being in that toxic relationship like the freedom to do your own thing, see your friends, family, pursue that hobby goal or interest you could not before. And feel the pleasure happiness you will experience now that you are alone again as you open yourself up to new opportunities and new loves. Always remember you can fall in love again – I did and its been 20 years now – luv you Jim.xx

Hypnosis is also very useful as a means of getting over a breakup and works by challenging your own irrational distortions and by making positive, healthy suggestions to your subconscious. After a hypnotic session, you will begin to see the other person for who they really are, instead of who you want them to be.
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