Hypnosis Help for Anger Issues

How Can Hypnosis Help for Anger Issues

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Number of sessions recommended for help with anger issues is  is 1- 3 sessions

  • 90 min session including session recording
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Training
  • other written resources & audio

Hypnosis can help you reduce and manage your anger issues.  In some cases, it can get rid of the anger and anger issues.
Anger is triggered by something or someone or even by yourself. Behind anger can be frustration, sadness and depression. Rejection,so many emotions are piled below anger.
Anger is like the release valve for all of these emotions you are experiencing. Perhaps you learned from those around you how to be angry. That anger was the only way to cope or react to a situation.
Its not your fault if you did learn from a parent a sibling school its just life. The thing is you can choose to take control of it. Rather than the other way around.
Of course, we need to get angry sometimes it moves us forward in a productive way or perhaps saves our lives.
But to be in a constant state of anger, real anger like road rage within a minute of you driving is dangerous.
That’s not good for you or anyone. Constant anger can make you sick raise your cortisol stress levels so high. Which in turn depresses your immune system. Causing possible depression and weight gain.

Which one do you find yourself in and how quickly?

Hypnosis can help you in many ways. At a physical level hypnosis can teach you to slow down your heart beat your pulse. By teaching you how to breathe in a way that slows all your physical responses down. So, you can turn down your rage. So you can step back and think more clearly.
Hypnosis can teach you a new mental way to respond to those situations, people and  triggers. That used to take you from 0 to fury. We can put in a new program – one that has new responses new thoughts and new behaviors. We can teach you how to release that anger and dissolve that anger.
Suggestions and repetition of the suggestions and desire to change will make you change at a subconscious and conscious level.
So, you can live your life well and treat yourself well and others around you. So, you can control your anger when you need to. So, you can be well and be happier for yourself and those you care about.