Hypnosis for Children

Hypnosis for Children & Teens in Office

Hypnosis for children can be very helpful and they are very receptive to hypnosis. Children are great at using their imagination and using the imagination is a huge part of the hypnotic process. The child needs to be aged at least 8 and the parent is present for the session. This is important too as the parent can see what happens and be of help to the child post hypnosis as well. The session is recorded and the child will listen to it for a period of time to reinforce the suggestions. We do not force a child to have hypnosis and we need to be flexible depending on the child with the length of time of the session. Children  make excellent hypnotic subjects and past research indicates that they are easier to hypnotise than adults.You will receive the hypnosis recording which is very important to listen to to reinforce the new positive behaviour and program.

Some of the issues that children can be helped with are fears of the dark, or monsters. A lack of confidence and shyness can be improved with hypnosis. We make the experience playful and understandable to the child. Bed wetting is another issue that can be helped with hypnosis. Stress, anxiety & bullying can all be helped with hypnosis.  Concerns around body image can be helped with hypnosis. Children are like sponges and if you get them in the right state. In other words super relaxed and highly suggestiblle- thats where the changes needed can occur and be accepted by the subconscious and conscious mind. Many other issues. Please email or call Cathy for more details. Ph 0424867361 cathy@cathybarrowhypnosis.com

Some of the issues Cathy has helped children with are

  • Bladder control
  • Weight issues
  • Phobia of Loud Noises