Hypnosis for Business

Hypnosis for Business

How can use hypnosis for business help you?

Using Hypnosis for business can help you to get back your focus your drive. Hypnosis can help you achieve the business goals you may be struggling with. Hypnosis can help you via repetition and acceptance of suggestions. It will remove any mental blocks that are preventing you from focusing or keeping you stuck. Hypnosis can free your imagination to source new ideas, new inspirations. Perhaps you are experiencing other problems health and relationships that are interfering with your focus. Perhaps you are not sleeping properly and you are exhausted. Hypnosis is very effective for insomnia. Stopping the flow you used to have. Hypnosis can help you change a negative thought habit and a belief. It will help you get back in flow and discover that brilliant new idea and or achieve that goal.

Intense state of focus

Hypnosis is an intense state of focus and concentration whilst in a deeply relaxed state. When you are in a deeply relaxed state you bypass the critical mind and become highly suggestive provided you are willing and compliant. We are seeking to rewire your brain through suggestions that you want and need and design with my help. You only receive what you want. The suggestions are ones we devise together that make sense to you.


Maybe you have to present in front of staff or the board and the mere thought of it is making you feel like you are having a heart attack? Hypnosis is very effective in preparing you for public speaking so you can feel comfortable and confident every time. We use the imagination, the five senses, future projection and past positive experiences in the hypnosis session.

Getting Better

You receive the session recording every time as hypnosis works best via repetition and the post hypnosis recording serves to embed the suggestions heard in session even more deeply and permanently.

How do we get better at something? We practice. Listening to the post hypnosis recording for 31 days means you are practicing, getter better and better at thinking those new thoughts and taking that new action.

Relaxation and breathing techniques are taught in the session as this is a very important part of the session we need to get the body and mind to slow down and the conscious mind to take a break so the subconscious mind can play its part and accept the suggestions you need for success.