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Cathy is a Government Accredited Certificate IV Clinical & Diploma Hypnotherapist who delivers hypnosis sessions in Cairns & Live Online Video

About Cathy your Government Accredited  Certificate 1V Clinical Hypnotherapist. “I love all things hypnosis. I  love to tell people about how hypnosis can help them run a new program in their minds. A program that will replace a bad habit with a good habit. A program that will permanently install that new behavior, thinking they desire. All using the power of suggestion and total agreement of the subconscious mind. With hypnosis you can get over a fear or phobia. You can get over a relationship leave it in the past. You can reduce anxiety and depression. In fact with hypnosis you can achieve many goals. I seek to educate people about how the process of hypnosis works. It is a recognized science and an accepted and recognized valid therapy by many medical professionals. To the point of having onsite hypnotherapists at hospitals to treat people effectively for IBS. Some of my posts are just pictures and tell you a little about me and the sort of person I am. I love my job and it is a privilege that people trust me to help them with the power of hypnosis. I am constantly thrilled and overjoyed when my clients stop smoking with hypnosis lose weight or get over a fear or phobia. I love to help clients slay anxiety the modern scourge of our society. The human mind is so untapped and we still don’t understand how hypnosis really works – perhaps we don’t need to. I have been a practicing hypnotherapist for 5 years now, I started late in life in my 50’s but that doesn’t matter I started and found I was good at it. Hypnosis requires you to be a storyteller and I was always imaginative and good at telling stories. It is a collaborative process between the hypnotist and the client. I am the facilitator and the client is my willing participant. I have now added hypnotic massage to my skillset and practice and am excited to give therapeutic suggestions whilst giving therapeutic massage a very powerful combination of therapies for optimum results. II have much more to learn and will never stop.