About Cathy Barrow Clinical Hypnotherapist

Online Live Hypnosis and
in person Cairns

Cathy’s Qualifications
  • Certificate IV Clinical  Hypnotherapist
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate 1V Life Coach
  • Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy – Dedicated  Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Expert
  • CEED Centre Of Excellence Certificate in Eating Disorders
  • Certificate 1V Workplace Trainer & Assessor
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiiwan Style Temple Massuese
  • Reiki Level 11 Practitioner

Cathy is a Goverment Accredited Certificate 1V Clinical & Diploma Hypnotherapist who delivers hypnosis session in Cairns & Live Online Video
For 6 years now Cathy has helped clients quit a bad habit like smoking, get over a fear or phobia & reduce their anxiety & depression. There are many other issues that Cathy has helped people overcome with hypnosis. Like lack of confidence. Reducing and managing pain. Managing and reducing anger.. She has helped her clients using hypnosis to improve their personal best at sports. Ranging from  tennis to football to golf and cricket. Using hypnosis Cathy has helped her clients overcome sexual issues like impotence and frustration. so many other issues can be helped permanently with hypnosis. Overcoming stage fright & improving your exam results. The issues helped with hypnosis effectively are endless.

The fact that hypnosis is achieved by utilizing the client’s sub-conscious with no drugs was what attracted Cathy to wanting to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Sometimes the body and mind is willing but gives up because the mind has become distracted by that little voice in the head – the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is  a state where the client is deeply relaxed and in trance. In other words the critical mind has been bypassed and the subconscious is totally focused on the hypnotist and the suggestions he or she is making. Those suggestions are ones that the client has asked for in order to achieve a goal. Like quit smoking, Lose weight and reduce anxiety. Because the client is willing to participate in the process and is desirous of a positive change, the client will accept the suggestions. The client must   give their permission to be hypnotised. Hypnosis is a proven science now with many clinical studies proving how effective and successful it is in affecting permanent and postive lasting change. Medical professionals from all walks of life recognise hypnosis as a valid therapy to help their clients.

She has much empathy and life experience for people from all walks of lie and occupations. She welcomes clients of all genders and religions and race.

Enquiries or bookings here https://cathybarrowhypnosis.com/bookings/

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Cathy is a dedicated Quit Smoking Expert who has now helped over 400 people to quit smoking permanently. Cathy was a smoker herself so understands the attraction for the deadly habit and how difficult it can be to give up with willpower alone.

Please have a look at Cathy’s dedicated Quit Smoking site here http://www.quitsmokingexpertvic.com.au

Hypnotic Massage

Cathy offers hypnotic massage too which is where the client receives hypnotic suggestions whist being massaged. A mind body experience like no other. Integrating the healing qualities of massage and hypnosis at the same time.

Enquire here or book here https://cathybarrowhypnosis.com/bookings/

Life Coaching and Transformation

Cathy is a Government Accredited Certificate 1V Life Coach and offers individualised programs such as the following. The programs are a combination of Life Coaching Strategies and Hypnosis.

  •  Job Discovery Program- How To Find New Direction and a New Job
  • Return to Work Discovery Program
  • Job Recovery Program How to recover from Redundancy
  • Finding meaning and Direction after Retirement
  • Cathy’s Confidence School
  • Coaching & Direction your family through Transition of Parent to Nursing Home
  • Please email Cathy for details cathy@cathybarrowhypnosis.com