I helped 4 people last week to quit smoking.
I have so much admiration for them – I admire their respect for themselves, that they want to live in a healthy body. I am always blown away and very pleased that complete strangers trust in me to facilitate the process of hypnosis so they achieve their goal to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is a partnership between my client and me in an intimate 50 minute session where they trust in me and themselves and are completely willing to believe that hypnosis will be successful for them.
I feel very happy and privileged to have helped them quit smoking or lose weight or whatever goal they choose to achieve.

I am also finding that the smokers who are coming to me are in the process of cutting down already and are all very conscious of the cost financially of smoking. They also tell me they now feel increasingly alone and not part of a group any more. In the past if you were a smoker you belonged to a huge group. Now it’s no longer ‘cool’ to smoke.