Mindfulness and Babies

Mindfulness and Babies. It’s been a while since I posted – what to say sometimes .. I have been distracted with a beautiful granddaughter who is now 12 weeks old Aurora. Babies are such brilliant time wasters. it occurred to me when my husband and I babysat last weekend that I had a solution or salve for people with anxiety.

When you focus on these delightful round faced infants who chortle and smile at you- all worries anxious thoughts appear to vanish- at least for me. It’s like you absorb their remarkable qualities innocence and unblemished beauty within and without and their complete unconditional attention and love. For the entire 5 hours mum and dad were gone I was only totally focused on her and her needs – every little sound and expression. I did not think about anything else and it was great.

Now that’s mindfulness being totally in the present.

Now to find a baby to take to work..

mindfulness baby
mindfulness baby