New Years Resolutions Fail

Did you know that 80 % of New Years resolutions fail by February of the same year!

Why does this happen? People invariably make their resolutions too big, too grand and too unachievable. They make too many like Lose Weight, Make more money, Join the gym, Make some passive income. Join this club that club. They put no time restrictions or end dates to achieve their goal. They do it in a moment of madness, in a drunken stupor.  And then they beat themselves up when February comes and they revert to their old ways. An example. My daughter went down to her gym today and noticed that the place was packed.

Yes all those people who made New Years Resolutions to get fitter slimmer yarda yarda. All down there feeling guilty about what they ate and drank over the Xmas New Year break.  Willpower is not enough for the majority of people to achieve a goal.  You have to be internally motivated. You have to have really strong reasons and dedication and commitment and strong desire to whatever it is you want to stop or start. The desire to change for the better must be stronger than the desire to tolerate the same. Most people do not attach pleasure to an outcome – instead of attaching pleasure to the outcome. The conscious mind is willing but the subconscious where the familiar program of sabotage you have been running for years will stuff you up every time.

So hypnosis helps you by putting a new program of thinking and behaving and responding into your head at a subconscious level. When we make suggestions to the subconscious mind- provided your desire is high and you are willing to accept suggestions. The subconscious mind will gladly accept them. Think of it like this. You get the subconscious mind on the same team as the conscious mind. You embedd that new program into there via suggestions and repeat repeat reapeat. You weave a new story full of belief in the capacity to change permanently. You add in your motivations the new happy person you will be in charge of their behaviours and habits. Just as you can learn something you can unlearn it. You reinforce the suggestions heard in the hypnosis session by listening to the session recording for a period of time. You let it sink in and settle like concrete. You match your new thinking and behaviour with new conscious behaviours and thinking. Hypnosis is a very exciting and amazing therapy for people to affect permanent change. You just have to be open to it.

So choose your goal wisely match your desire to it and come and have some hypnosis with me – preferably!

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