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What is your ‘Big Why to Quit Drinking? Maybe you just need to Control your Drinking – turn down the volume. I actually remember being like the lady on the left so many times in my younger days ! Over and Over Wasting my Life & Health
What is your motivation to quit the booze, alcohol for good.? You have to be so sick of yourself as that person who drinks alcohol. Your motivation to quit alcohol has to be stronger than your motivation to keep drinking.
We address your triggers and find out what causes your to reach for that bottle of wine, beer every time. We replace your habit of drinking with a healthy habit of your choice. We put your motivation, your big why into the hypnosis.
We put in the hypnosis session about how you will feel if you don’t quit. We reprogram your subconscious mind with a new program of being a permanent non-drinker. With a permanent new behavior- habit of say drinking soda, water, tea, walking, running or a hobby. You must listen to the recording after the hypnosis session for 31 days to embed and reinforce the new non- drinking program for a period of time. Our mind learns through repetition and practice. We will address the anxiety around drinking that you feel and again replace that with a more resourceful response.

It is important that if you are an alcoholic the physical  withdrawal process can be dangerous to you hypnosis or not. You need other medical interventions help medication as well as the hypnosis.

Single Session for A Drinker who wants simply to control the number of drinks they drink $250 includes session recording and other resources

To Quit Drinking it it recommended a minimum of 3  sessions $$750 including session recordings and other resources