Quit Drinking With Hypnosis Program

Quit Drinking With Hypnosis Program

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Now you can buy  the Quit Drinking with Hypnosis Program here in the Cairns Office or Online. The Quit Drinking with Hypnosis Program can also be delivered online with a live hypnosis session to you wherever you live in the world. Quit in the comfort of your own home no parking hassles no need for a car. Click here for information of how Online Hypnosis works.


Questions to ask yourself so you know it is time to quit drinking now.

Are you out of control when you drink? Can’t stop at one – cant get through the day without a drink?

Are you sick of waking up with a huge hangover wasting the day and wasting your life -trying to recover?

Are you sick of worrying about what you said or did when you were wasted?

Is your drinking affecting your relationships in a bad way?

Are you overweight with no energy got fatty liver?

Your weight your fitness?

Are you depressed because of drinking?

Do you become angry or violent when you drink?

Are you that person man or woman who proudly says now its wine o clock. Are you secretly hating that you have to manage and get through your life wit,h a drink?

Worse still do you drink alone?

How much are you spending on booze every week?

Well now you can quit drinking with the help of hypnosis

What is your ‘Big Why’?

I will put your big WHY into the hypnosis session. This is to get you worked up in a good way. We do this so you really do know you are making the right decision to quit drinking. I will use that big WHY and give you suggestions that make sense to you that help you to finally quit. Like replacing that drinking habit with a new one of your choice. Like seeing and believing that you can be a new you who is in control of your emotions and behaviours..

I will put in the benefits and reward that are going to further cement your desire to quit drinking forever. The suggestions will be worked out with you and then given to your subconscious mind which will accept them. The suggestions are repeated over and over as that’s how hypnosis works. You will be given the recording of the session. You must listen to the recording for a period of time. Our mind learns through repetition and practice. You are instilling and cementing those new thoughts and beliefs you have heard in the hypnosis session.

You will also receive nutritional advice on a fitness program 2 weeks of unlimited yoga and a 45-minute massage.

One thing to note is that a lot of drinkers smoke. You really need to decide which one triggers the other and get rid of that one first. The subconscious mind cannot cope with 2 challenges like Quitting Drinking and Quitting Smoking at once. Do one at a time

The Quit Drinking With Hypnosis Program

Package of 3 sessions is recommended and includes session recordings


  • Hypnosis Session x 2 hours
  • Take home session recording
  • weekly phone call check-in
  • massage x 40 minutes only in Cairns
  • or yoga 2 weeks unlimited only in Cairns
  • nutritional advice
  • fitness program
  • ongoing access to education and support