Quit Smoking Price

Ring Ring “How much is it to Quit Smoking?” Price first or Value?

I often receive phone calls from some smokers who want some info about quitting with hypnosis. Their opening comment often is “how much will it cost? Only one out of 20 of those people asking about price first will book in. They completely ignore that value side of the equation. What value do you ascribe to your health and a longer life?

How do you sell your value. How do you assess the value of a product or service?

When you buy a dress, a suit or get your hair done, what criteria do you use to buy that product or use that service? What do you usually get when you buy something really cheap? I know I want to get my hair done by someone I can trust. I want to look the best I can.The average time to get your hair done say for tips can be 2 hours plus. You enjoy the attention and expertise of a human being who has trained for years, working on your hair, plus products and a comfortable environment. When you break down the fee you pay, into all of the above, the value is incredible. You get to walk out of there feeling and looking like a million dollars.

In my opinion a professional offering a service has to have the following attributes. Expertise that is based on solid training, successful results, reviews and reputation, an engaging manner. The service has to offer back up support – sometimes a guarantee, a safe environment. The service & process need to be understood clearly.


The majority of enquires I receive are from people who want me firstly to explain the process of how the hypnosis session will work. We engage in a fruitful 2-way conversation. Nine times out of 10 they will book in. They can see the value way before price point- like potentially saving their lives, relationships and money.

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