Recordings & Meditations to help with Anxiety

These Recordings & Meditations will really help you cope with Anxiety which has become a huge issue these days

These are times of great anxiety for us and I would like to offer the following meditations and recordings for you to use to help you manage and calm your way through these very unfamiliar waters. 🥰You can use for your teenagers.

1.  5-minute meditation – Do every morning or when you need it – the longer you do it the more effective it will be for you Don’t do it whilst driving. 😘

Recordings to help with Anxiety
Recordings and Meditations to help with Anxiety

Click Here Five Minute Meditation

2. Reduce and Manage Anxiety 20 mins – Hypnosis so no listening whilst driving or operating machinery🙏

Click here Reduce and Manage Anxiety

3. Sleep through the night – No listening whilst operating machinery or driving listen for a couple of weeks every night – preferable in bed.🥰

Click Here Sleep though the night

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