Recordings & Meditations to help with Anxiety

These Recordings & Meditations will really help you cope with Anxiety which has become a huge issue these days

These are difficult times for us all and I would like to offer the following for you to use to help you manage and calm your way through these very unfamiliar waters. ?You can use for your teenagers.

You will be amazed by how helpful meditation is when done frequently and diligent;y. Rhythmic breathing is key to it effectiveness. try it you will be pleasantly surprised.

1.  5-minute meditation – Do every morning or when you need it – the longer you do it the more effective it will be for you Don’t do it whilst driving. ?

Recordings to help with Anxiety
Recordings and Meditations to help with Anxiety

Click Here Five Minute Meditation

2. Reduce Anxiety 20 mins – Hypnosis so no listening whilst driving or operating machinery?

Click here Reduce and Manage Anxiety

3. Sleep through the night – No listening whilst operating machinery or driving listen for a couple of weeks every night – preferable in bed.?

Click Here Sleep though the night

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