Session Fees

Session Fees

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The effect of Covid19 has been devastation with millions of Australians out of work. With a large majority of us working from home remotely using video conferencing. We are all in this together and Cathy Barrow Hypnosis is adjusting her fee structure. Now all fees are reduced by 50%. It has never been more important to attend to our mental health and I want to help you do that at an affordable cost.

Sessions delivered via Zoom video conferencing & in office.

Single Session – $100 (90 mins duration, but please allow 2 hours for if we run over time with you) Session recording included )

Subsequent Sessions $95

Single-Session Quit Smoking – $197 (Please allow 2 hours) Guarantee & Post Hypnosis recording included) Follow up sessions free if required

Prices valid until 30/06/2020

Covid19 Protocols are all observed & followed for clients attending in the office.