Sexual Problems and How Hypnosis can help

Sexual Problems and how hypnosis can help

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Eric Erectile Dysfunction


Eric came to see me as he had a problem with keeping an erection. It probably sounds amusing that at the time he saw me he was seeing not one woman but three women and could not maintain an erection for any length of time.

It was anything but funny for Eric as the only reason he was with 3 women was that he was hoping that one would help him with his problem of erectile dysfunction.

He had been separated from his wife for 2 years and had had a particularly bad breakup with her and still had a lot of feelings for her. Obviously Eric had to find a way to fade away those feelings which were interfering with his sex life with other partners. He was also on anti-depressants of which some definitely interfere with the physical process of getting and maintaining an erection.

So keeping in mind the medication that Eric was on we still had that grey matter between his ears that we could influence via hypnotic suggestions with his permission. Teaching him how to physically relax with breathing and visualisation was key as was accepting his marriage break up and reminding and reinforcing his confidence as a man and especially sexually. Again this is done via visualisation, a regression back to being sexually free and liberated and future projection seeing himself as very sexually competent. Of course, choice of language becomes important and as you can imagine i will use whatever words and images that work for Eric.

I work out the suggestions with the client that are going to work for him or her and then I bundle them up and put them in the hypnosis and thereafter the client is in “trance” they can be presented and accepted by the subconscious mind.” Hypnosis works brilliantly with repetition so Eric receives the recorded session I give him and listens to that for a minimum of 31 days. You are reprogramming your brain your thoughts and putting in a good helpful belief.

along with the hypnosis the client’s medical history is taken and examined and of course, good nutrition, good sleep habits and god exercise routines are an essential part of the client’s sexual recovery. Any anxiety is also addressed and other holistic therapies recommended like Yoga and meditation.

Eric saw me for 3 sessions of hypnosis and at last, report was reporting very good progress and experiencing sustaining erections a lot of the time. Importantly he now had the ongoing hypnosis recordings and strategies to help him in this area.