Reviews by Clients – including online hypnosis review

The following is a selection of reviews by clients of Cathybarrowhypnosis.

Reviews by Clients – Assorted issues

Harriet Lawrence 2019 – diet coke addiction

“Cathy is a wonderful hypnotist. I was addicted to Diet Coke and didn’t think it was good for my health. After one session with Cathy, I gave it up easily and without any side effects. Two years on, I no longer drink Diet Coke. I highly recommend Cathy as a hypnotist”.

Rose 2018 and 2019 To stop mindless eating and to achieve a fitness goal Online Hypnosis

“I have now had a couple of sessions with Cathy and found them very useful. My last session Live Online was about a habit I had picked up. Which was eating in bed not long after dinner, whilst watching TV until all hours. I would continue this eating until it was time for lights out. So this had to stop it was getting out of control and the weight was creeping back on. I messaged Cathy for a session and she was onto it. All you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and Cathy will do the rest. The best part is you do not even have to leave home physically to see her. You can do this from the comfort of your couch, bedroom or favourite chair. I have also seen Cathy face to face when she was practising in Geelong. I would definitely recommend Cathy for hypnosis and would not hesitate to call her again about any other issue that might pop up.”

Annabel Meek 2018

“Cathy is an AMAZING practitioner. Anyone who can get a control-freak like me, into a state of deep hypnosis has a true gift in my opinion. Her sessions leave you feeling calm and cared for in a holistic manner. Cathy does not simply ‘treat’ the surface issue – she has the ability and skill to know what lies beneath. I was devastated when she left Geelong, but so lucky that she is now offering on-line consultations”.

Cassie Bush 2018 To sleep soundly through the night

“Cathy helped me to regain a restful nights sleep! After my 3rd baby I was struggling to sleep. Cathy was very positve and calm and helpful. I am so grateful for her services! Highly recommend and thank YOU so much”!

Eric Hobson Quit Smoking 2019

“I visited Cathy once only, over 6 weeks ago. She made quitting smoking so easy, and I haven’t wanted to smoke since”.

Hayley Scott  Reducing Managing Anxiety 2018

“I had hypnotherapy for my anxiety. One session is all I had. There was an 80% improvement i’d say! I will say you need to in there with an open mind. I feel like walking in there questioning it will impact the effect. I don’t know if its just placebo, but Im a totally different person after having it done. The best thing I ever did and I would recommend it to anyone”!

 Graeme Getting Over Fear of Heights and Fear of Flying 2018

“Cathy is a professional in every way, Her endeavor to source an acceptable out come and try different methods is first rate. For many years my heights phobia has been of great concern and caused many problems, but Cathy’s expertise and methods have proven to be a real life changer for myself. I personally highly recommend Cathy for anyone trying Hypnosis”.

Aliesha O’Brien June 2018

“Best flight ever Cathy! Didn’t even need to hold my partner’s hand or listen to the hypnosis on take off. Thank you, thank you. I will be taking a flight to another island (my partner’s island) which I have never had the confidence to do before”.

June, July 2014 aged 65

“Cathy I had to tell you after our session today I threw my anxiety to the wind and crossed the bridge on my own for the first time in 15 years, thank you for givng me the strategies to live a stress free and fearless life”

Reviews by Clients – Hypnosis for Managing Pain- Recovery from a Serious Operation

Mark B, July 2016

“Hi Cathy
I know I have told you already but I need to put it out there and let people know just how awesome your work is. I had major surgery planned for April 2015 and was quite concerned and stressed Cathy produced a relaxation CD for me for pre opp post opp. I did listen to the pre opp a couple of times before I went in to hospital and was not sure if it helped. However, after the operation I can’t tell you how important that CD was to me … The opp went wrong and I spent almost 6 weeks in hospital on some strong drugs unable to sleep and struggled to even function the pain was shocking but I would pop in the ear plugs and instantly relax. Your work Cathy is amazing. I swear by it even the hospital staff were impressed and quite amazed. Even now being home if I can’t get to sleep I pop in the ear plugs and off to sleep I go …….. I don’t ever think I have heard the end of it. Love your work Cathy Barrow and thank you from the bottom of my heart as your work has played an important part in my recovery”.

Reviews by Clients – Weight Loss

Rudo November 2014

“I have had hypnotherapy with Cathy and it has honestly changed my life. I have been overweight and tried so many diets and nothing ever worked. This is the first time that I have actually steadily lost weight and it doesn’t feel like an effort because my subconscious mind is working as it should be. It’s only been two months and have already lost over 11kilos”.

Renate April 2014

“I have been coming to Cathy for 4 weeks now and have lost between 1.5 and 2.5 kgs each week following the hypnosis program Cathy has given me. I am delighted with the results and it has been really easy to follow”
I am in my 60″s and Cathy also gave me an easy eating and exercise plan to follow -I have quite a few health issues like diabetes and arthritis and the doctors strongly advised me to lose weight.” I don’t feel like I am on a diet at all and my focus is not on food at all. I am walking 4 times a week and bought myself a pretty dress which I have not been confident of wearing until now“. Most of our clients lose between 1 to 2 kilos per week naturally and easily”.

Rachel September 2014

“I am in the 3rd week of my weight loss program and I have lost 3 kilos- I feel so energetic and I am not starving. Cathy has given me a really easy eating and exercise plan and I have to listen to a cd for 30 days to bed down all the suggestions which is dead easy. My shopping bills have halved and I have taken up tennis and am about to start netball when I lose some more weight. This is the first time I have actually enjoyed losing weight and I do not feel deprived and I get a treat day! I am very pleased!”

Susan 110 kilos now 104.5 after 4 weeks October 2015

“Hi Cathy I am so wrapt that I have lost this weight and I didn’t think it would be this easy. I now get up every morning and walk when I used to lie in bed, I don’t crave any sugar and I don’t eat by the tv anymore. I am taking my lunch to work and the best thing is I don’t feel deprived. I am busting out of my skin, I have even started to jog and my curves are showing in a good way, I had to buy a size smaller the other day and will continue the program for my life and will get down to my goal weight of 80 kilos. Thank you so much”

Robert lost 8kilos in 8 weeks October 2015

“The best thing about this program has been how I have changed my relationship with food from an unhealthy one to a healthy one. I have a small child and he was a major motivator for me as I need to be fit and healthy for him – I did have a hiccup or two during the program but quickly got back on board with the Six Rules and know I just have to keep following them till I get to my goal weight of 80 kilos.”

Reviews by Clients – Anxiety  and Depression

JH Dec 2013

“Being my first hypnosis session I was feeling a little apprehensive and sceptical about it all. I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for 10 months. Cathy was very welcoming and created a very relaxing environment and helped me to feel at ease. Throughout the session I was totally relaxed, first time I had felt that level of relaxation in a long time. After the session I continued to feel relaxed and also felt as though a great weight had lifted from my shoulders. These feelings have continued and with the strategies that Cathy suggested, to me, to manage any anxiety attacks have been effective.”

Depression Testimonial Paula

“I came to see Cathy to see if she could help me with my depression. I have been on anti- depressants for many years and Cathy listened to my story and did not tell me to stop taking them or anything like that. She said she is not a doctor and we would work with the medication. I have seen Cathy 5 times now and I can say that my anxiety and sadness I feel regularly has greatly dissipated. Cathy gave me lots of strategies within the hypnosis session and out of it to cope with my feelings. The best thing I like about the hypnosis is that we don’t dwell on the past – we move forward into the future to live the life I want to – to create and achieve my own vision board if you like.
Thank You”

Reviews by Clients – Quit Smoking Testimonials Fiona 2015

“Seeing Cathy for a hypnosis session was beyond my expectations . Her professional and engaging warmth , and her skills saw me venture through a safe journey with her . The goals and outcomes were exactly met as planned to give up smoking. ”

Ben aged 20 smoking 25 a day 2014

I came to see Cathy to give up smoking in August and I have been a non smoker for 6 weeks now. I did not have a lot of money and actually do not have a job but I was so sick of smoking and how bad it made me feel and obviously I could not afford to buy them any more. My life is definitly worth a couple of hundred dollars.

Julie aged 49 September 2014 smoking 25 a day

I knew it was time to give up as it did not feel right as I am an educator on living a healthy and anxiety free lifestyle and I had taken up the cigarettes on a social basis again. Cathy made the whole experience very pleasant and I am very pleased to say I have not smoked for 2 weeks. I really liked the fact that Cathy said I could go back for another session at no charge. if I happened to smoke at any time in the next year. That was reassuring, I don’t expect to go back but its nice to know I have that option. I feel so much healthier”

Anna P November 2014 aged 45 smoking 15 a day

Hi Cathy,
“great news I have not smoked since seeing you . it has been an easy/hard journey as opposed to a hard/easy journey. I feel fantastic and am brimming with pride. Many thanks”. Anna

John aged 62 years old smoking 15 a day October 2014

“I had smoked a packet for 25 years and I knew it was time to stop – it wasn’t a matter of cost for me, my motivation was to be as healthy as I can be and be around for the grandchildren, Cathy made me feel very relaxed and I love wearing my red band to remind me that I have quit smoking for ever . I am so proud of myself ”

Reviews by Clients – Relationships

Getting Over a Relationship Estelle 18 years old 2013

“I came to see Cathy as I was having a lot of trouble getting over a breakup and could not stop thinking of my ex boyfriend.Cathy made me feel very at ease, I am only 18 so felt nervous about the hypnosis. It was so relaxing and since then I have not thought about him at all and its been 4 weeks since I saw Cathy.
Thanks Heaps Cathy”

Reviews by Clients – Anger Issues

Marnie March 2014 aged 18

“I have had anger issues all my life and have flown into rages for very little reason and have been too physical with people. I have been to many psychologists and counsellors to no avail. I really liked hypnosis because I didn’t have to talk about the past at all. Cathy put me at ease immediately and explained that hypnosis was about changing my beliefs and feelings at the subconscious level. I had 5 sessions with Cathy and I have really calmed down and she has given me some strategies to help me stay in control. I am only 19 but Cathy is just easy to be with and she seems to just get me. Thanks Cathy”