The Voice     SEE OFFER BELOW!!

Not the Voice referendum here.  I’m talking about the voice in your head. That voice in your head the Grand Controller- your subconscious mind.  Think of it as an automatic program of behaviour which overrides your conscious, rational voice.  For example, a smoker wants to quit smoking but is triggered. By a cup of coffee, a drink- stress. In response to those triggers the automatic smoking habit- program activates. That program that might have been there for 30 years subconsciously. Same with overeaters who are triggered by an emotion – that automatic program overrides and takes control.  No matter your best intentions and willpower becomes won’t power. Hypnosis works by changing that automatic subconscious mind via suggestions with your permission. So, when you are triggered, you have a new non-smoking non overeating program. That becomes automatic over time with repetition and reinforcement. All you need is a strong desire to change and a willingness to be hypnotised.

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The Grand Controller