Xmas can be a time of anxiety and worry.For a lot of people. Not enough money. For gifts  and maybe spending time with people you don’t want to. Maybe you have experienced loss of someone or something. Perhaps we can still allow ourselves to enjoy parts of Xmas. Take a drive through the streets and enjoy the display of Xmas lights. Look through the eyes of little children which we all were once. Linger, take your time and absorb the beauty, the brilliance and the collective goodwill displayed in these glittering lights. Breathe very slowly and let yourself smile for a few moments – you will feel better. For those of you who would like some help with managing your anxiety= here is a free download an MP3 hypnosis recording called Reducing and Managing Your anxiety. Remember its hypnosis so no driving or operating machinery when listening. Listen for 31 days in a row repetition of the suggestions is very important to change the responses thoughts in your head permanently.https://cl.ly/5926937c66cb

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