Grief, People and Pets

Can hypnosis help with grief ?

 Hypnosis for Helping with Grief  

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 Hypnosis for helping mange grief and loss

f Loss is inevitable and therefore unavoidable and many people as can hypnosis help with grief?. Each of us will eventually lose everyone and everything, including our own bodies. There is a natural emotional response to loss that we call grief, and this is normal and healthy to feel. Hypnosis for grief over people and pets can prove very helpful.

This healing process then inspires us to move forward with a deeper appreciation for the rich gift that is life. Healthy grief also bestows on us a tender heart of compassion for all beings, because our loss makes us vividly aware of their (and our own) fragility.

It is hard to appreciate this painful part of our existence. Many people get caught in an experience of grief that hardens their hearts and makes them bitter. When we experience such “bitter grief” we suffer unnecessarily. We create needless pain for ourselves when we replay the memories of our loss again and again, and continue to review these memories with thoughts of hopelessness and despair. Such unhealthy grief is very much akin to the activity of the subconscious mind when it creates Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The force of habit, of thinking in this destructive way, is often too powerful for your conscious mind to change. However, with the skilful use of hypnotic trance states, we can eliminate this tendency to produce the needless suffering of bitter grief.

For some, grieving is a process that does not improve over time; it may even become worse. If this is the case for you, then you may experience continued feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, anger, and blame, frequent intrusive thoughts about the person you have lost and about their death, preoccupation with your grief, or find that almost everyone and everything is a reminder of your loss. You may be unable to go about your daily routine or function normally. If this is the case, bereavement counseling and hypnotherapy can help to identify what is causing this “complicated grief” and give you strategies to help overcome it.

This healing shift restores your capacity to feel a healthy sadness for your loss and at the same time, joyful gratitude for the ongoing gift of your life. It allows you to tap into the ability to let loved ones live on through the memory and connection that is your love. Once you are able to process your grief you can begin to feel this connection once again.

Can hypnosis help with grief? No matter what your personal beliefs are, you can connect with the love of a person or a pet even after their death. You can learn to experience this closeness and let your grief begin to subside.

Hypnosis is an excellent help for bereavement because the techniques are able to teach you how you can consciously decide to think a certain way about your loss. Your mind is quite powerful, and changing its thought patterns from grief-stricken sadness and anger to love and memories can go a long way toward help with bereavement. Through grief hypnosis, you will still have your memories – but they will be less charged with painful feelings, allowing you to be able to talk openly, should you wish, without the fear of being overcome by gushing emotions

Direct Suggestion is used to aid you with a very important function that is robed when experiencing deep grief: SLEEP. Suggestions for restful sleep allow the body, mind, and spirit to vent. The critical conscious mind, which is part conscious mind and part subconscious mind, becomes overwhelmed without sleep to aid it in the venting process of thoughts that do not serve the person. This in itself goes such a long way to steer the person into healing. During times of trauma the subconscious mind will create a walking waking trance state created by overload and the sense of being overwhelmed. One thing that you will learn during our time together, is how to easily control your intake of information, and eliminate this state of overwhelm. Hypnotherapy helps you to begin to move on, to begin to live your life again and to learn to enjoy yourself once more without feeling guilty. It allows you to find ways to remember the person (pet) you have lost, and to still feel that they are part of you and part of your life.

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