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Experience the power of hypnosis with Cathy Barrow Hypnosis Cairns –  Online or in Cairns. Get the results you desire permanently.  Hypnosis simply installs a new program of healthy habits, behaviors, thoughts & feelings into your subconscious mind.  Hypnosis will give you the right mental mindset. So you get the results you desire -effective and long lasting. Cathy Barrow Hypnosis Cairns and Online Live Video

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Reviews from Cathy’s happy clients

Over the past 10 years I have tried to quit smoking countless times. The merry-go-round went like this. I would stop for a few weeks then I would have one cigarette thinking it was okay I’m over it. Within a month I would be looking for opportunities to bum or buy cigarettes from friends and even strangers!! Embarrassment would eventually lead me to purchasing a packet…. then I would be back on the fags until the next time I managed to get the mental attitude to try quitting again.
Luckily for me while buying a few cigarettes from a golfer at my club …apologising and complaining that the next stage of my merry-go-round was to buy my own packet,
 I was told about Cathy. I knew I needed help. I had tried physiologists twice with limited results. I also tried a hypnotherapist with no results… she was not a true professional like Cathy. The rave review of the successful session by this golfer and his wife convinced me to give hypnosis another shot. How easy was it? The session was comfortable and professional. I felt confident that Cathy was there to help me. I had finally found the person I needed to stop smoking. The recording given to me by Cathy was of great benefit also. I listened to it daily for a week. That’s all it took …fantastic
What a result! And so easy! I know I will never have another cigarette again …
Thank you Cathy for helping me off my merry-go-round I am finally free of the dreaded cancer sticks!!

Robin Beck

“Thanks Cathy, It has now been 4  months and I am now under 100 kilos. That is the first time for 5 years. I have lost a total of 22 kilos . I have a plan now and know what to do and subconsciously I just do it now without thinking about it all. I feel like you were just talking to me the whole time and it just soaked in.

Kellie N

Hi Cathy. Our session helped me immensely and I thank you. Have signed up for the gym, struggle to meditate but breath peacefully. Thank you sugarpie.  I have changed a bit. Looking forward to new stuff. Cheers Cheryl

Cheryl Shield

What a wonderful experience with Cathy. She has made me feel very confident after the session about quitting my 20 year nicotine addiction. Highly recommended!

George Radford

Thank you Cathy! It’s been 105 days since my last cigarette. In that time i’ve not smoked 2100 cigarettes and saved myself $1650! Cathy’s hypnosis works. She’s great to get along with, explains everything & answers all your questions. If you have a wobbly moment & have a cigarette socially or find yourself drifting back to your old habits she’ll see you again & cement things once more.


“My girlfriend and I decided to quit smoking several times in the past. Thanks to Cathy this time it’s been so easy, We are glad Cathy help us through this amazing life changing”.


Cathy gave me something I never thought possible – freedom from addiction and a co-dependent relationship. For the first time in 15 years I felt the freedom from the desire to internalise my pain. It hasn’t been a completely easy journey, but the beauty of Cathy is you are able to use your recordings of your sessions to keep you on track or are welcome back for a ‘a re-direction or ‘re-routing’ session anytime. Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life Cathy – this gratitude is long overdue…

Holly Richardson

My daughter was concerned with my smoking and found Cathy’s details
I made an appointment, I wasn’t disappointed, Cathy is a true professional in her field , pre / post hypno Information is very detailed and helpful. I didn’t think about cigarettes for 2 weeks
Then I had an upsetting situation which seen me pick up the smokes.
Cathy offered another session to get me on track to becoming a permanent non smoker
Thank you Cathy

Julie H

I went to see Cathy a bit skeptical but wanting to quit smoking. I was smoking 25+ per day. Cathy was very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. Following one session I am ecstatic to say I am 7 weeks no cigarettes. I have no cravings. I seriously can’t believe it. I am so happy and grateful. Give it a go. I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is. Thank you Cathy ?
Deb S 

Deb S – Cairns

Cathy is a lovely lady, I felt very comfortable with her. The hypnosis really helped me through a difficult relationship situation and anxiety. I definitely recommend her. 

Alice Vernon

This lady is amazing. After my 30 year addiction to weed, I am finally free of this dreaded bad habit that controlled my life. Thank you Cathy. I highly recommend

Amanda Ting

I SAW Cathy over 5 years ago on the Surf Coast to Quit Smoking. I stopped completely for over 5 years which was so great. Unfortunately when Covid happened and we were locked down- I started again. due to stress. I rang Cathy and arranged a Zoom session as she lives in Cairns now. The session was great and just as effective as in the office with her. I am pleased to say I have now stopped again. Thank you so much Cathy

Bridie Price

Cathy is wonderful and really cares. I will recommend her to anyone as she always follows up on how we are doing.
Thanks again for everything you have done

Heidi Corbet

Cathy is an amazing person to talk to about any situation you are in, helped me through some very hard times, taught me a lot, and I am forever grateful!

Carlin Cristaudo

I am extremely grateful to Cathy. After 42 years of smoking and all attempts to stop, not lasting, and getting to the stage were I had ‘given up’ on’ giving up’, I can finally say now, I am a permanent non-smoker! I believe that Cathy can help anyone with any issue! Cathy, you are wonderful! Thank you!

Leora Wegner

As a Non-smoker I had asked Cathy for help with a urinary problem.
Following a session with Cathy this problem is very much better.

Thank you Cathy


I booked a Hypnosis session with Cathy to help me to lose some Weight but to mainly help me with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. I noticed a change immediately after the session and weeks later I am still feeling very motivated about exercise and enjoying healthy meals and am not craving junk food like I was. Cathy is such a lovely person and I felt so comfortable with the whole process. I also feel that I got a lot out of the discussion we had even before the hypnosis”. 


Hi Cathy, ever since I had my first hypnosis I feel fantastic. I don’t worry about noises. I’m not scared of the dark anymore. I feel very confident and happy. 

Mario age 12

Mario – night noises

I googled hypnotherapists in my area looking for my mum, husband and best friend after having my own success quitting smoking 6 years ago using hypnotherapy. Cathy was very fair priced and offered good aftercare by allowing the client to have further sessions if they required more assistance. All of them have gone and have required to go back a second time, they have quit smoking including my mum who was a 50 smokes a day smoker for the past 45 years!!! I had never seen my mother not smoke for more than a couple of hours in my entire life of 41 years. I am very proud of them and very grateful to Cathy for her assistance, her therapy has quickly paid for itself (very cost effective) and her on-going support 🙂

Rhiannon Casey

First being honest, I could easily have kept smoking for the rest of my life except for the fact that I really did not want to lose any more teeth and I always felt I needed to give up. Cathy explained the process, that I would be entirely conscious, that everything said would be supporting and reinforcing my decision to stop. This enabled me to relax into the process. She was able to disconnect all the triggers that drive us to smoke….   It has been 6 weeks since that decisive day.  I have listened religiously to Cathy’s recording, and feel like I have a safety net should I need it that I didn’t have when I went cold turkey.   I now walk swim more cannot believe how much more money I have to spend. I have re-engaged with life

Hello everyone, looking for real information. (Anon by request -Quit Smoker after 50 Years?)

After 30 years of being a heavy smoker and failed to quit twice, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I figured I have nothing to loose other then a nasty habit. To be honest I was sceptical and not sure if it would work, but I told myself that at least I should be open to the fact it actually might work. Cathy assured me that all I had to do is be open to the suggestions given by her . She had a great way of putting my mind at ease and I listened carefully. I walked out the door a non smoker who breathes fresh air for the rest of my life. Its been 31 days without cravings or fall backs. Thank you Cathy.

Damian Vije

I was a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy beforehand, but this is such an awesome process. In approximately 1 1/2 hours, I went from a 50/60 smokes a day to not wanting a puff. What Cathy has done is exceptional for me to not even to think about them. When people who have just had a smoke, come near me ,all I smell is an ashtray, no craving at all. Should have done this years ago. Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about kicking the habit. Thank you Cath

Darryl Hillyard

After seeing Cathy for one 90 minute session to quit smoking, I was curious how long before the cravings would grab again. It has now been 91 days since I was a smoker. Apart from saving me several thousand dollars, I am truly amazed that I don’t have the slightest inclination to have a cigarette. I have been working with smokers, and drinking , surrounded by smokers. There is absolutely no temptation.

I would highly recommend Cathy Barrow if you are serious about giving up smoking.

Dale Fletcher

I smoked for 20 years. Now I don’t, awesome work Cathy. You are an expert in your field.

Trevor Walters

Highly recommend collaborating with Cathy to tackle those negative aspects of your life you may be stuck on.
I attended a quit smoking session with Cathy 23 days ago, it was the only session I attended and it has been 23 days since I have touched a cigarette.
I have tried to quit in the past, however relapsed early as I found it ‘too hard’.
I don’t want to jinx myself by saying this time has been easy, but it actually has!! and I put that down to taking the time to do the work with Cathy.
She is kind, welcoming, intuitive and approachable, and I am on cloud 9 for having her attend and assist in this step towards greater quality of life.

Thank you Cathy

Amber Harrison

Cathy is amazing, i went to her for some anxiety and changing of some of my bad habits. She listened thoroughly on what I wanted to change and also made me feel completely comfortable. My first session I was an emotional wreck, unsure how to deal with some feelings and make changes. After 2 weeks I went back for my follow up appointment and she noticed straight away how much I was doing better within myself. The second appointment was just reinforcing some of the items we had talked about in the first session and adding on extra little goals. I was a bit nervous in my first session but going into the second I was excited. Thank you Cathy! I’ll be back for smoking next!

Jess H

I first saw Cathy in her Geelong office to give up smoking in Jan 2017. Leaving that initial consultation after 90 minutes, I was a non-smoker and didn’t suffer a craving at all. Fast forward 12 months and an interstate move and a marriage breakdown saw me fall back to old habits. Desperate to quit again, i tried 3 different hypnotists on the Coast, none of which were successful. Finding out that Cathy had also relocated and was offering Zoom consults, I thought i would give her a go being that she had been my only success. In the comfort of my own room and via my laptop on Zoom, she has successfully retrained my brain again and I am a non smoker all over again. Having done both an in person and Zoom session, I can assure you there is no compromise on success. Both work equally as well. Give it a go…. the only thing you have to lose are the cigarettes!!! Thanks Cathy!

Kellie P

I seen Cathy in April when covid-19 was in full swing and we done the whole session over zoom. She was in Cairns and i am in Geelong. As much as I thought “hmmmmmm dunno”. She was amazing, and very professional. Since then I haven’t even thought about a cigarette. If you seriously want to kick the smokes in the arse get onto Cathy, she is your girl.

Ben Veale

“I know I have told you already but I need to put it out there and let people know just how awesome your work is I had major surgery planned for April 2015 and was quite concerned and stressed. Cathy produced a relaxation CD for me for pre Opp post opp.  I did listen to the pre opp a couple of times before I went in to hospital and was not sure if it helped. However after the operation I can’t tell you how important that CD was to me … The opp went wrong and I spent almost 6 weeks in hospital on some strong drugs unable to sleep and struggled to even function the pain was shocking but I would pop in the ear plugs and instantly relax your work Cathy is amazing. I swear by it even the hospital nurses were impressed and quite amazed. Even now being home if I can’t get to sleep I pop in the ear plugs and off to sleep I go …….. I don’t ever think I have heard the end of it. Love your work Cathy Barrow and thank you from the bottom of my heart as your work has played an important part in my recovery.” – Mark Butcher

Mark – Pain Management

I called Cathy for issues that were from the past with the view to approaching an up and coming daughters wedding and the ex husband and begrudged son. She helped me not to feel guilt, anxiety, blame and confidence within myself with weight gain.
I listen to her revised hypnosis each morning which has given me strength and was able to be confident at the wedding and confidence in my job. I wasn’t looking at the weight side of things immediately but have lost 6kgs within 6 weeks. This has not been from exercise but just the guilt I was holding, I feel anyway.
I admire her talent and have no hesitation in referring her anyone,
I had my session online from Victoria.

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