Couples Hypnosis Sessions

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Couples Quit Smoking Hypnosis Sessions all couples regardless of sexual preference

Maybe you would like to quit smoking together. You can have a couples hypnosis session which can be very powerful. Because you both want to quit together. It makes sense to do it together if you have decided now is the right time for both of you to quit. In the couples hypnosis session we can use your emotional bonds, love and commitment to each other to help you both stop smoking permanently. You can be others buddy in and out of hypnosis. So very powerful to utilize your emotions and joint motivation for each other to stop smoking permanently. The suggestions given to both of you will also make you responsible to each other so you can be permanent non smokers for the rest of your life.

Couples Enhance Desire Hypnosis Sessions

Do you want to enhance your desire for each other in a couples session. Once again we can use your love and close bonds to reignite the passion you have lost . We can utilize your imagination via suggestions and feelings. Via memories of good times high desire and future projection.

Couples Resolve Relationship Problems

Do you have some relationship  problems you just cannot resolve? Through a couples session we can start to resolve your issues. With your willingness to both improve your relationship. Some very powerful and long lasting suggestions can be made. So much can be achieved once you are both deeply relaxed and suggestible.Hypnosis can work quicker than a counselling session and is all about creating what you want together for positive outcomes now. So you leave the hypnosis with different good feelings. With different empowering responses. And new strategies at the subconscious and conscious level.

All couples receive a copy of the session recording which is paramount to reinforcing the suggestions heard permanent.

Think of it like this – you have been running an old program and we simply need to put a new program in no matter what your issues are.

You can experience a session online live via Skype or Zoom or face to face in my Cairns Office.