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Helpful stuff – Exercise For Anxiety

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and start by taking in a deep breath holding for the count of two through the nose and out the mouth for the count of three releasing any tension on the out breath. And repeat breathing in for the count of two through the nose and out to the count of three releasing any tension on the out breath. Now visualise you are sitting on the bank of a gently flowing creek hearing the trickling sound of the water on the rocks as it effortlessly making its way on its journey, making any thoughts that are trying to hook you in and distract you

Bring yourself back to the creek where you will notice a small pile of autumn leaves. Next time you notice a thought hooking you in pick up a leaf and put that thought on the leaf and send it sailing down the stream. Just imagine watching the leaves as they drift away and bring your attention back to watching the leaves as they drift along, no need to worry about anything, just effortlessly observing the creek

As you notice thoughts pop into your mind, notice the temptation to get caught up in them them instead softly stay in that space of observation and place that thought on a leaf and send it sailing away

Now it is time to observe your thoughts and not to engage with them and there may be an endless supply of thoughts, that is ok the leaves are never ending and every time you have another thought place it on a leaf and watch it drift out of sight again and again bringing yourself back to the stream and the trickling water.

As you watch the stream you also allow yourself to observe your thoughts rather than becoming them. As any memories, judgements, worries or ideas flow into your mind as they will, place each thought on a new leaf with love and let it drift away.

By observing your thoughts you become pure awareness by letting go go the struggle with your thoughts, you become peaceful letting go of any self-judgements when thought arise to distract you from your focus this is the way of the mind it cannot be controlled.

By simply allowing the thoughts to come and go you become a master even if you are constantly sending thought after thought down the stream, you are perfecting the art of observing and allowing allowing your thoughts to drift in and out letting them come in and placing them on a leaf and letting them drift on by

Peacefully observing and gently bringing your attention back to your breathing focusing on the breath becoming aware again of your surroundings opening your eyes and moving your body when you are ready and bringing yourself back to this practice whenever you find the time and need to calm down





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