Cathys Confidence School

hypnosis for confidence

Hypnosis for Confidence through Cathy’s confidence School  Lacking confidence and self-esteem? Lack of confidence holding you back? Don’t you like yourself? Then Cathy’s Confidence School is for you.

Incorporating Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Reiki, Nutrition, Yoga & Massage & Confidence Tasks

Cathy wraps up all her skills as a hypnotist/Life Coach/Reiki Practitioner and Masseuse to offer her hypnosis for confidence program.  This program will teach you how to be confident love yourself and feel good about yourself.

Many problems originate from a lack of confidence and self-esteem that you are carrying from past experiences parenting school friends media and the community in which you live.

Part of feeling good about yourself and confident in finding out who you are, what your beliefs are and what your values are. Your confidence naturally comes when you find out what you are passionate about or how to find your passions. How to find purpose, how to find your big why and how you can achieve that whilst living the life you live now mindfully and with acceptance. Confidence and self-esteem come from looking after your physical health and mental health. She will teach you how to confident and feel good about yourself. Most problems come from a lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Cathy will teach you how to be gritty to be resilient so you can walk your true path no matter how young or old you are. Especially if you think its too late for you to change your life your circumstances your body your mindset  Whether you are 15 or 80 you will have a road map to help you navigate your path to your destiny on every level spiritually and physically.  You can regain that confidence if you have lost it at any age. This will be a holistic program for the head and the body using hypnosis, mindfulness, good nutrition, yoga, and quantum thinking and massage.

You will learn how to be confident again throughout the program and out of hypnosis tasks will be given to you so you can achieve the confidence and self-esteem that you deserve.

Program is 5 sessions in person with Cathy via Zoom video or on the phone or face to face – location permitting. Every session will include hypnosis and recordings and other resources such as journals and daily text support and motivation.

For Cairns residents and surrounds the massage will be with Cathy and the yoga with Wild Tribe Heart Yoga includes one 1hour Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage and 2 weeks of unlimited yoga at Wild Heart Tribe Yoga.

For those online Cathy will find suitable practitioners in your location.

This program is for ages 15 and upward and of course, is adapted for modified for each age group for men and women.

Session 1

Your story Where are you right now? Acknowledgment and Validation. Telling your story this is where you tell your story fully with no judgment or analysis. This is about acknowledgment and validation. You will be introduced to the principles of mindfulness which you will start to use on a daily basis.

Session 2

Who are You? This is where we dig deep and discover who you are not what you are through hypnosis and other exercises out of hypnosis. By discovering the wholeness of you – you can discover the what and where you want to go. From session 2 you will be given your confidence task which you will complete as part of the program. These tasks will be tailored to you and in consultation with you.

Session 3

What do you want your life path to look like? This is we explore where you won’t see yourself in all areas of your life relationship, career health, and finances. Using a vision board and hypnosis and out of hypnosis exercises, you will have a well-defined path so you can get to where you want to be.

Session 4

Taking Action  This is where you take all of your learnings over the 3 sessions and solidly reinforce them into your subconscious mind using hypnosis so you can start walking or running on your true path of purposefulness.

You will have your road map to follow for your chosen path so you can start living it immediately.

Session 5

Follow up with Cathy Hypnosis for Confidence

This is where you check in with Cathy 2 weeks from the conclusion of session 4 to see how you are going walking your path and with the doing. This session will incorporate coaching and hypnosis. All clients have access to ongoing education including webinars, private groups, and other resources.

Who is Cathy?

A short little story about me. One of my career choices was to become a Certificate 1V Trainer and Assessor as I loved to teach. I had taught hundreds of people in my occupation as a fitness instructor and watched my clients go from being super shy and embarrassed about their bodies to being super confident after exercising regularly and being involved in a friendly group. This was back in the 89’s in the times of the leg warmers and g- strings. I remember many clients who shall we say were big girls who thought nothing of wearing tights and a g string to class. Because they had regained or learned to be confident! Besides exercise releases endorphins which make you feel great. I was not teaching anymore and had a look at Vocational Teaching which was teaching adults who were returning to work. I ended up with my first group of long term unemployed a group of 28 from 18 to 55, every one of them was affected by mental health issues and physical issues.  Anxiety, bipolar, depression. schizophrenia, back issues and many more. They were all on Newstart they were all poor and most of them smoked. I had to pull all my Life Coaching skills out of my kit bag and it was pointless talking about setting goals with them as they were sitting in a pool of blackness and little hope. I figured I had to get their confidence up again get them to like themselves a bit again. These people could have been you and they had suffered hardship breakdowns and they had little or no support and no money.

How did I get them to feel confident again.? By getting them to dig deep into who they are who they were and what they were good at. Like Karen who had had a breakdown when her husband left her and slept in a car for 2 years. Well educated and well-spoken but had literally fallen in a heap.