Hypnosis for Insomnia

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Cost for Hypnosis for Insomnia

• 1×2 hours session $200
• Online single session $150
• Inclusions session recording & other resources written and audio
• Package of 3 hypnosis sessions Online $450 (Recomended)
• Cairns Offices $600
• Inclusions session recordings
• Bonus Recordings & written resources
• SMS weekly messages of support
• 30 days of yoga classes at Wild Heart Tribe Yoga ( Cairns & surrounds residents only)

 How can Hypnosis help you with  Insomnia ?

Cassie Bush 2018 How Hypnosis helped Cassie overcome her Insomnia

I had not slept through the night for over 4 years. I was desperate and walking around like a zombie so exhausted barely able to function. My insomnia was a raging beast. I had 2 sessions with Cathy and listened to the recording she gave me every night for 30 nights. I now sleep through the night “I can’t thank you enough”

Simone  2016 How Hypnosis helped Simone overcome Insomnia

Simone came to see me in September 2016, as she had not slept through the night for 8 years experiencing raging insomnia. She had suffered a pretty traumatic event at the start of those 8 years. She was quite resistant at first and skeptical as to whether the hypnosis could help her sleep however she was in the end prepared to give it a go. I gave her the hypnosis and a recording to listen to . I spoke to her around 2 weeks later to see how she was going. She reported back she could not believe it – she was now getting off to sleep and staying asleep after listening to the recording. She said to me “You taught me that all I had to do was to stop myself thinking and quieten the thoughts down.” I am making this sound easy which its not, usually clients see me for at least 3 sessions. For Jill obviously something clicked for her at the subconscious level and she was able to get the result she wanted. I am very happy for her as when we don’t sleep it affects every area of our life negatively. I think Jill’s desire to try the hypnosis and believe in it overrode her doubts and that’s why it worked for her.

Peter 2016 How hypnosis helped him with Sleep Apnoea 

Peter  came to see me as he suffered from chronic insomnia for the past 2 years. Peter had the added problem of having to wear a breathing apparatus and usually averaged around 3-4 hours sleep a night .He was worried about waking up on time for work which for him starts very early in the mornings. Over a period of 6 weeks of face to face hypnosis and listening to a recording I made him Peter gradually increased his sleeping some nights to 6 hours. I also gave him a dvd to watch and he commenced a weight loss program of his own initiative and has lost 4 kilos. Peter’s goal is to lose the sleeping apparatus and he understands it is a process to unlearn the patterns of insomnia he has been doing for the past 3 years.

Can’t Sleep? I am the Queen of Insomnia relief! tips for sleeping

Being a certain age shh! I now know what works for me to get back to sleep including hypnosis. You have to be so diligent about your sleep routine and stick to it.

You have to treat yourself like you are a child- for those of us who have children remember how you got them to go to sleep?

No stimulation

no lollies

no tv

a bedtime story

dim lights get the picture I really can help you with this

exercise everyday walk don’t exercise late at night

Sleep Ezy can help as can Magnesium for restless legs.

Article on Sleep and Hypnosis   

 After listening to a sleep-promoting audio tape containing hypnotic suggestion, women who are suggestible to hypnosis spent two-thirds less time awake, and about 80 per cent more time in deep sleep compared to those who slept without the hypnotic suggestion

 How does Hypnosis Help You Stop Insomnia?

You are now feeling so tired that in a few seconds you will be asleep”
If you can’t sleep and yet you are feeling so tired the words above very welcome. Insomnia can be the result of worry, fears, anxiety, and badly functioning brain wave patterns. In order to fall asleep, your brain must go from a BETA brain wave into ALPHA. Alpha state is where everything is dreamy, where visualizations are clear and that sleep switch in your brain is ready to let you go into DELTA and THETA, and be asleep. So, how do you make this happen? When the conscious mind is busy, with worry, anxiety, fears, anger, emotional conflicts, etc. the brain has a hard time letting go of its conscious processing. Some people hear music in their head, repeat endless statements with their inner voice or just worry so much about not being able to sleep that they indeed cannot sleep! If you have insomnia, you know the problem. You start worrying early in the day about whether or not you are actually going to be able to sleep that night. And once you miss a night of sleep, you worry even more about not sleeping the next night. And this PERPETUATES the problem. Worrying about insomnia creates insomnia. You can change it. But you are going to need help. Your brain is an expert at having insomnia. It does not know how to do it any differently. If it did, you wouldn’t have the sleep disorder any more. So, in order to sleep deep, you are going to have to teach your brain how to go instantly into an alpha state, how to use subconscious triggers to eliminate worry and anxiety and stay asleep once you are asleep This is what we do in hypnosis teach you how to relax and give you the method that you can use yourself so that you can hypnotise yourself- we give you a cd to listen to for 30 days or whenever needed. You may not realize this but sadly lack of sleep is very common and can be extremely stressful, impacting lives by reducing energy, making you irritable, poor performance at work ( and home ), difficulty remembering things, and bad concentration. There are enormous health problems.



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