Online Delivery – Hypnosis sessions Cairns to London and New York


How does Online Delivery of Hypnosis to your computer iPad or laptop/mobile work?

From Australia and all throughout Australia. From Cairns to London to New York you can experience the benefits of hypnosis online. This provides the convenience of not having to leave home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefits of hypnosis with a very skilled and effective hypnotist like Cathy.

Delivery Hours 24/7

Online Hypnosis is delivered straight to you at your device using an online video tool called Zoom. It is very reliable and an easy method for my clients to use. It enables us to see and hear each other via the screen on your choice of device. Zoom is trustworthy and free to use. Once we lock in a time, I email you an invitation and you click on the link. Zoom downloads as you watch. Then you join the meeting. Its easy. You just need a good reliable internet connection, a camera and good sound. You can use headphones. Large one or the buds you plug in your phone depending on the quality of the sound and the PC sound devices / connectivity.

You can experience all the benefits of a face to face session without leaving home. Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney to Perth, Darwin and Geelong. To the Kimberley’s and out to the oil rigs on Bass Strait you can experience hypnosis without leaving home as long as you have an internet connection. All over the world in fact as long as you speak English.

Research has shown that results are as powerful as face-to-face sessions. Often even more so. This is because our brains have been trained to really deeply focus (which is a hypnotic trance) when watching, listening or learning from a computer screen or TV screen. We focus more intently when watching a small screen and intense focus is the key to successful hypnotherapy. In fact the research shows that people go into a hypnotic trance within 7 seconds of watching TV. For example, you only have to plonk a small child in front of the telly and they immediately settle down and become very still and focused.

Ease and convenience

You can feel totally relaxed and safe in in the comfort of your own home. No worrying about getting caught in traffic or parking problems, cost of petrol or incurring any parking fines. You can wear your most comfy clothes and you can choose a time that suits you.

Maybe you don’t have a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Coach close to you. This service solves that problem. Physical contact is not a part of the hypnosis process. As long as you the client is comfortable undisturbed and can hear my voice that’s all you need to have a successful hypnotic or coaching session.

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Online Hypnosis

No Boundaries

Who would online live video hypnosis or coaching via Zoom be suitable for?
  • Clients who are in another location or country
  • Fifi workers who have limited time
  • Clients who are ill
  • Parents with small children
  • People who do not drive
  • People who feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own home environment
  • Patients In hospital
  • People with a disability
  • People who suffer social phobias
  • Lack of confidence
  • People who are blind
What coaching sessions are available via Online Live Video Zoom.
  • Confidence coaching for men and women, teens and children
  • Relationship Coaching for men and women
  • Job loss and job recovery
  • Find Your Purpose & Vision for Your Life
  • Anything you like – tailor made sessions.

Now the list above for hypnosis sessions and coaching is by no means exhaustive. If you need something that is not there mention it in the email and see if cathy can help you with it

How Do I Book In?
  • You want to book in? what do you do now?
  • Please email form below with your contact details indicating what hypnosis session or coaching program you would like.  Or you can call on
  • In Australia 0424867361, Overseas +6142467361 or email
  • Sessions are booked at least 7 days from confirmation
  • Cathy will email you back with a confirmation of booking and suggested a time and date.
  • Once confirmed client to pay a deposit via Pay Pal or direct deposit and client will be notified of dates and times and confirmed.
  • The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of booking date / time.
  • The balance of the booking fee to be paid prior to the session.
  • Payment is via Paypal or EFT.
  • I am only able to conduct the hypnosis and coaching sessions in English.
  • once confirmed I will email you further instructions and questionnaire.
 Here’s what you’ll need
  • Zoom account (free)
  • Webcam if using PC
  • Comfortable and quiet place to relax
  • Internet access (sufficient speed and stable connection)
  • Desktop computer, phone, Tablet PC, or laptop (with Zoom installed)
  • Headphones and microphone headset, microphone and speakers, or microphone
    and comfortable pair of headphones or earbuds
What Online Live Video Hypnosis treatments are available via Zoom?

Hypnosis sessions available via Zoom are listed below.

  • Quit Smoking
  • Quit Marijuana
  • Stop Drinking
  • Weight Release
  • Stop sugar cravings
  • Stop biting your nails
  • Quit sucking your thumb
  • Get over fear of flying
  • Get over fear of heights
  • Reducing and Managing Anxiety and Depression
  • Managing childbirth well
  • Mastering stage fright public speaking
  • Enhancing sports performance golf/tennis/soccer/rugby/athletics
  • Enhancing sexual performance/confidence male and female
  • Getting over a relationship
  • Dealing with grief
  • Managing pain
  • Confidence and positivity for pre-surgery
  • Needle Phobia

NB. Clients may need more than one session. This will be assessed in the pre talk on day of session.

Quit Smoking sessions are one session of 90 mins. Lifetime Guarantee conditions apply.

For other treatments, the first session is of approximately 2 hours duration. This includes a consultation and plan plus 1 hour delivery and completion of the hypnosis. Subsequent sessions if needed are 1 hour 15 minutes which includes review and delivery and completion of hypnosis.

All clients receive post hypnosis recordings. Listening to these further embeds and reinforces the suggestions given and heard in the Zoom sessions. Clients are also given other resources like mindfulness training and accessible information they can access online. All clients have email support for the duration of the treatment.

Preparing for your online live video hypnosis session
  • Ensure you won’t be disturbed during the hypnosis session
  • Turn off all alarms, phones, or sound notifications in advance
  • Use a comfortable recliner or chair
  • Consider using the bathroom before your hypnosis session
  • Allow60-90 minutes for your session
  • Avoid coffee, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol prior to your session
  • Perhaps eat something light about an hour prior, so hunger isn’t a distraction