Hypnosis for Eating Disorders

How can hypnosis work for clients with eating disorders?

These days its an accepted fact that Hypnosis for Eating Disorders yeilds great results for clients wishing to deal with all manner of eating disorders,

Cathy has completed the CEED Centre Of Excellence in Eating Disorders course which focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to people suffering from eating disorders. Disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and other non-specific eating disorders. 

How many sessions will I need ? Its hard to say until we have a consultation which happens in the first session. Recommended at least 3 sessions of hypnosis. I will work in with your medical specialist.

  • 3 x 90 min sessions
  • Includes session recordings
  • Online meditation/mindfulness weekly
  • Written resources & other

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Below is an example of a client who was recovering from Anorexia.  This is how Hypnosis for Eating Disorders has assisted this client.


In my practice I saw a young girl who was recovering from anorexia.  She had a distorted body image, wouldn’t look in a mirror and was constantly comparing her body with others. My first question to her was “Do you believe you can get better? I knew she wanted to get better otherwise she would not have come to see me. She said she was not sure that she could. But, she was really wanted to believe she could. And so she could as she has now returned to her natural healthy weight.

I got the story from her first and as in most cases of anorexia, it revolved around a lack of praise and worthiness growing up. And a poor relationship with food and criticism of her weight from others  This caused her to feel the need  to control her emotions via depriving herself of food. In the hypnosis, we set the goal of hers to love herself and accept her self and to feel worthy and deserving. I did this through suggestions encompassing imagery, feelings and emotions using various techniques. On a conscious level I set her some tasks which would push her out of her comfort zone. She also had to listen to a recording for 30 days. She saw me for 3 sessions and reported she was feeling so much more positive and starting to get back some normalcy with her eating habits.  She also decided to start writing about her experiences with a view to being a platform for other sufferers.

Bulima & How Hypnosis helped Chloe

Another client I saw for hypnosis sessions was a binge eater. She would start eating copious amounts of food at a certain time in the afternoon. Once again her background was one of deprivation. Around being looked after emotionally and excessiveness when it came to food. Interestingly food was being offered as a peace offering after much conflict. She needed to have her worthiness and self-esteem rebuilt and installed into her subconscious mind. She needed to learn some healthy habits around food like eating only 3 times a day.

In Hypnosis, the client can totally relax. We bypass the critical mind. We help the client take a break from themselves.  We then  have the opportunity to implant the suggestions of change that the client so dearly wants. In this way, the client can unlearn unhelpful emotions and thoughts. As I said before if the client wants to get better and they believe they can then hypnosis can be a wonderful tool/therapy for them so they can normalise themselves. Chloe was given the session recording which she listened to for 31 days to reinforce the suggestions permanently.

I am very passionate about helping young people with eating disorders and generally being aware of the obsession society has about how thin is the ideal figure. As a mother of three girls aged 21 to 34, I have learned the negative and positive effect your words and actions can have on young women and men.