Hypnosis For Anxiety & Depression

Hypnosis for Anxiety & Depression

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Anxiety comes in many forms. Anxiety can be learned or be a result of Post Traumatic Stress. Sometimes the anxiety can lead to a full blown panic attack. Anxiety is a problem when we are in a constant state of fight or flight. When we are worried every day about “what might happen” People with anxiety make up stories in their head before it even happens. Anxiety affects us at every level leaving us exhausted tense fearful and unhappy. Anxiety can lead to the immune system breaking down. The use of hypnosis is used effectively firstly to relax you and secondly to reprogram you. At a subconscious level to accept new positive behaviors and responses to that anxiety. So you can turn that anxiety down and replace it with the feelings and responses you want. This is done via suggestions to the subconscious mind and thorugh repetition and reinforcement. Cathy has helped many clients turn their anxiety down and their calmness and ability to cope wit a stressful situation up. People suffering with depression suffer much the same as people with anxiety and they tend to ruminate on the past. The same hypnotic process applies to people suffering with depression. So they too can turn up the enjoyment and satisfaction in their life. And turn down the sadness and depression.


I went to see Cathy for hypnosis for anxiety. After only one session my mindset has complety shifted and I feel so light and free. (I’ve had another session since then, and have been listening to the recordings she gives, daily) I really cannot recommend her enough and I’ve changed my sceptical beliefs about hypnosis. Having tried other avenues, I felt Cathy was my last resort so I went in really open minded and had an incredible experience.


“I had a hypnosis session for anxiety. One session is all I had. There was an 80% improvement I’d say! I will say you need to in there with an open mind. I feel like walking in there questioning it will impact the effect. I don’t know if its just placebo, but I’m a totally different person after having it done. The best thing I ever did and I would recommend it to anyone. ”


” I came to see Cathy for 3 sessions of hypnosis for anxiety, as I suffer constant anxiety especially in relation to being in social situations and also to do with my sexuality. Cathy taught me through the hypnosis sessions to learn how to relax and calm down before a situation occurred. She taught me how to turn the anxiety down and the comfort up. She also gave me other strategies out of hypnosis like doing yoga and practicing mindfulness. Cathy gave me recordings to listen to so the suggestions repeated over and over so I could change my thoughts and feelings through repetition. I now feel so much more confident and hopeful about my life.

Sarah Joy 

“Wonderful hypnosis delivered in such a caring and professional way. I highly recommend Cathy, I have felt so relaxed and at peace since our session. If you or anyone you know are considering hypnosis.”

Carlin Christaudo

“Cathy is an amazing person to talk to about any situation you are in, helped me through some very hard times, taught me a lot, and I am forever grateful!:







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