Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes with Hypnosis

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Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes with Hypnosis

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  Quit Smoking in 60 minutes with Hypnosis  Cathy has helped over 1500 clients quit smoking in the last 10 years 
In Cairns face to face or onlineYou just need to be highly motivated and open to the hypnosis. Hypnosis does not require your willpower. In hypnosis we replace the automatic smoking program with an automatic program of non- smoking.                                                                        
Quit Smoking Session includes  Guarantee which is 2 return sessions at no cost to you if required. Face to face $500 Online $450 Discount of 10% for 2 smoker bookings.

Session is 2 hours and includes post hypnosis resources and recording Guarantee and back up support if needed.

Cathy now offering Quit Vaping Sessions In Cairns or online $250                 


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