Hypnosis for  Marijuana 

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The very successful Quit Smoking method  Cathy uses is simply adapted to help you with hypnosis to quit Marijuana

Cost is $595 face to face or $495 online

To Quit the Weed with Hypnosis, you need to be highly motivated. We need to replace your response to all the things feelings, people, places and situations that cause you to light up that joint or bong. We then simply need to replace that unhealthy response to those triggers with a healthy response of simply breathing fresh air. We combine your motivation and your reward for quitting the dope. These are all your reasons to stop. We mix it up with your emotions, sorrow, pain and joy in the hypnosis session. So you have every chance of success at the conscious and subconscious level. Chances are you smoke cigarettes or rollies as well so you have to stop that as well. And you can with my help and with repetition of suggestions – that’s how hypnosis works.

You will be given the session recording to take home and listen to on your phone for at least a month. This will reinforce the suggestions you heard in the session. How do you get better at something? You practice and this is the purpose of the recording. To get your brain to practice your new habit of breathing fresh air. To practice responding in a better healthy way to those same triggers. You can do it and I will give you lots of tools to go home with – “out of hypnosis” tools as we call them. So you can stay a permanent non weed smoker and get your life and your brains and your bank balance back.