Personalised Hypnosis Recordings, Greetings & Stories

Personalised Hypnosis Recordings

Cathy will write and record Personalised Hypnosis Recordings For  Press play below to listen here to a complementary recording to raise self esteem.

Personalised Hypnosis Recordings (Its all in the hypnotic voice)

Hypnosis Stories for Children To help them sleep and not be scared Play here to hear example of childrens story

How does it work? I write and record the session for you mp3 format. Can do CD

You tell me what your problem, goal is either in a phone call or via text or email. I record a hypnosis session just for you. You will pay via paypal or direct bank transfer.

Contact Cathy via email

Or you can write  your own script/story  your own words and I will make it into a hypnosis session. Your own words can be very powerful with the suggestions coming from you.

Hypnosis recordings can be very very effective if you are prepared to listen to them as instructed. Your brain at the subconsious level must is accepting the desired new beneficial program and this is done via repetition of the suggestions. Just like you learned the times table and never forget. So  you need to repeat repeat repeat and implement permanently.  Of course we also need to use your motivations and emotions so you can be successful Suggestions are much more effective when they really mean something powerful to us.We are wanting to run a new desired beneficial prprogram of habits, thoughts and behaviour.   And delete the old negative program of behaviour,thoughts and habits. recordings will be mp3 and they can be listened to on your phone, tablet or PC. Or they can be put onto a USB stick an posted to you.

Delivery of the recording can be via email  USB or CD you choose

Cost $125 for hypnosis recording  – Quit Smoking Hypnosis  is not included

Issues suitable for personalised hypnosis  recordings and not limited to:-

  • Manage/Reduce Pain
  • Reducing Managing Anxiety & Depression
  • Exam success and confidence
  • Getting over a relationship
  • Eliminate  Sugar Cravings
  • Getting over a fear or phobia
  • Eliminating Insomnia
  • Help Children with fears and phobias
  • Stop thumb sucking/biting nails
  • Sexual issues – premature ejaculation/female arousal/male arousal/frigidity
Personalised audio stories & Greetings – Adult Content


Cathy was a real estate agent for 3 years with CJ KEANE in Geelong and understands perfectly the way the right language can be used to influence a prospective purchaser  Imagine using the right voice to describe a houses features as a prospective purchaser scrolls through on the internet. Play below for example of a walk through

Audio recordings Messages Greetings for Business Voice over $100 per hour

Need a melodius pleasant voice greeting for your phone or business? Cathy will record your greeting or message for you.

AUDIO RECORDINGS FOR STUDENTS – Or ANYONE  – Like listening instead? Cost per hour $90  

Maybe you are wanting to study a piece of writing, or having to read a book and you don’t like reading or simply don’t like it. Maybe you learn faster by listening.?Some people learn better by listening.I can record your passage of writing or book so you can listen to it instead. Because it is only for your use and I am not selling the book – we will not be threatening any copyright.

Cost $45 per hour or I will quote via the project. Email me here with your text or book you would like recorded. Recordings delivered via Google Drive – Link Sharing, Google Drive or USB/CD, Dropbox.