Personalised Hypnosis Recordings

Personalised Hypnosis Recordings

Cathy will write and record Personalised Hypnosis Recordings. Press play below to listen here to a complementary recording for weight loss

Personalised Hypnosis Recordings

How does it work?

You tell me your problem either in a phone call or via text or email and I record a hypnosis session just for you.

Or you can write your own words and I will make it into a hypnosis session. Your own words can be very powerful or suggestions coming from you.

Hypnosis recordings can be very very effective if you are prepared to listen to them as instructed. We are seeking to interrupt the thought patterns repetitive behaviour you have developed and wired in over the years with a new thought, a new response belief. This is done via suggestions to the subconscious mind and the use of repetition via recordings and repetition of the suggestions via the recordings.. The recordings will be mp3 and they can be listened to on your phone, tablet or PC.

Delivery of the recording can be via email  USB or CD you choose

Cost $75 – Normally $150 per recording

Issues suitable for personalised recordings and not limited to:-

  • Manage/Reduce Pain
  • Increase your confidence
  • Job interview preparation and success
  • Exam success and confidence
  • Getting over a relationship
  • Accepting a Situation
  • Manage reduce Sugar Cravings
  • Lose Weight
  • Decrease manage anxiety
  • Enhance sporting performance
  • Sexual issues – premature ejaculation/female arousal/male arousal/frigidity
  • Insomnia sleeping problems
  • Help Children with fears and phobias
  • Help children eat right and sleep right
  • Stop thumb sucking/biting nails
  • Deal with grief
  • Increase confidence
  • Stop stage fright
  • Eliminate fear of flying
  • Past Life Regression
  • Reducing Exam Anxiety
  • Sexual issues – premature ejaculation/female arousal/male arousal/frigidity

And so many more just ask


Additional Service Audio Stories and Greetings (Not hypnosis)


Cathy will record audio stories and greetings  for you children and Adults using my words or yours click here for more details