Personalised Adult Audio Stories and Greetings


if you want a sample please email me and I will send you one. I don’t want to make them available here. Or email me with what you are after exactly.
Maybe you want a naughty story to give your partner a present. Maybe you just want both of you to listen to one.
Maybe you want to send your partner a sexy message via audio. I can provide the words for you and you record it on your phone and send. Or I can use my voice with your words.
Maybe you want to record your story or meeting in your own voice and I will provide the words or you can give me the words.
Cathy is a published writer and has written many stories over the years naughty and nice .
Again you can pick the tone or the theme and Ill write the story or you can and I will record it.
The subjects are not limited as to what you want me to record you just need to ask and I will tell you whether I can do it.
Cost $100 per recording
Delivery of recording mp3  via email USB or CD
You can listen to on your phone for ease and convenience.

Contact Cathy via email at