Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes

Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes with Hypnosis

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REVIEWS – Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes

.First Review 2017
“I smoked for 28 years and have tried to quit so many times. Was in Cathy Barrow’s room for one hour, and had a smoke before I walked in, that was the last smoke I’ve had.
I’m now at Day 67 smoke free.
I highly recommend Cathy, I felt comfortable in her room and she is very professional.
You are crazy not to see her. It was the Best thing I ever did”.

 Second Review2018 15th May
I moved in with my mum as she had pancreatic cancer and two weeks after that she passed away.
It was expected and I came to terms with that.
But now face being evicted from her housing commission house.
Not to mention many other things
I have cravings every now and then, but they only last a few seconds.
I have not once been tempted to have a smoke and I put that down to what you did Cathy.

 Third Review Feb 2020
Hello Cathy
Just thought I give you a random update
I’m up to 2 years 8 months and 30 days smoke free.
I have not once had a cigarette since I left your room.
Last smoke I had was the one I had before I walked in to see you.

 Andy Baker Cathy not only helped me with her stop smoking program but spent time and efforts talking about life experiences, helping in other parts of my life. Her program not only helped me to stop but it also gave me tools and support ongoing for if any changes or needs occur. I would recommend Cathy as an investment in life and worth every cent. Absolutely amazing!!!

Cathy is an amazing Hypnotherapist. I recommend Cathy very highly. Thanks so much Cathy.

Kerry Mars “I had been to see Cathy in Jan 2015 and had been a non smoker ever since and then I experienced some stress and a well-meaning friend offered me a cigarette. I felt so bad and the taste was foul. I rang Cathy to come back for a second session at no charge and we did it and I am now back to being a non-smoker again. Cathy is really reassuring and supportive and I was confident enough to come back. I am impressed that Cathy offers this backup service” More Quit Smoking Reviews Here

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