Anxiety Relief – 5 minute Meditation

Anxiety Relief – 5 Minute Meditation

The purpose of this  Anxiety Relief – 5 minute meditation is to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. It can be utilised anytime,  anywhere. Preferably first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Meditation uses a process of deep breathing and mantras so our anxious thoughts and feelings. The focus is redirected away from our busy sometimes relentless thoughts and

Cathy 5 minute meditation

feelings. Which cause us to feel uneasy and worried. When we actually do have real worries and real concerns its good to know you can use meditations like this to help manage those emotions. The focus is redirected to our bodies.  We are given a job to do by repeating the mantras out loud. This distracts us from our anxious thoughts. The more you do this meditation the better you will be. The longer you do meditation and learn how to breath properly the more you can control that stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released into our bodies when we are highly stressed. Too much cortisol causes the heart rate to rise. Increased blood pressure cause digestive issues, poor sleep and weight gain.

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