Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction

How Hypnosis for sugar addiction can work to stop Cravings for Sugar

During my time as a hypnotherapist, I helped two clients who came to me to stop snacking. They had both had bariatric surgery, otherwise known as sleeve gastrectomy some years prior and had put on quite a few kilos as a result of snacking on lollies and other poor food choices. There was no hunger driving their behaviour as this type of surgery also decreases the levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone called ghrelin, so people feel less hungry and eat less. After two sessions of hypnosis for sugar addiction a fortnight apart, they both reported they had not touched a lolly or reverted to snacking or indeed had any desire for snacks and sugar. So it was a wonderful result for both of them

The result seems simplistic, however, there were other factors at play. Pre the hypnotic session we had to do a bit of detective work and find out the reason for the snacking behaviour. We figured out with one of my clients that she was having difficulty accepting that her life was running smoothly and she was sabotaging herself with the snacking behaviour. That was her “go-to” strategy when her life was stressful, but now she was feeling stressed about not being stressed.

I suggested through the hypnosis that she could now enjoy her life and her achievements with her weight loss and she no longer had any need to worry, she could enjoy being happy and I took her on a journey into the future where she remained healthy, energetic and productive. If the client has a helpful suggestion that she wants me to put in the hypnosis that is very effective for her as it is her belief and desire. These clients were also highly motivated and suggestible as a result.