Hypnosis in your Pyjamas if you like! 😄 I won’t be in my pj’s Lol but you can be..
I love delivering hypnosis online. It means I can help people all over Australia – the world. As long as they have a camera and a reliable internet connection.🎧
There is no need to miss out on good help just because there are no qualified hypnotherapists in your town or city. No geographical boundaries.
Maybe you have a physical limitation or maybe you just feel more comfortable having hypnosis in your own home.
The process is the same as face-to-face hypnosis. Once you are deeply relaxed – in hypnosis. Your eyes are shut and you are listening to my voice from that point onwards.
Cheaper in every way. No petrol costs, parking costs and no wasted time out of your day getting here.⏰