How does Online Video Hypnosis Work?

Online Video Hypnosis allows you to experience a hypnosis session over the internet. It really is the same as the TeleHealth sessions GP’s and Psychologists are offering now to their clients. This meets the requirement of social distancing we all have to practice now.. You are at home in front of your computer, laptop or ipad. I use Zoom video conferencing as I find it the most reliable system available as used by doctors, schools and governments today. You don’t have to download any software yourself. I send you an email inviting you to the meeting and you click on the invite. There are no geographical boundaries.. Of course its all in English. I wish I did speak another language. I did French at school – I know so far  away from France… And we are face to face – screen to screen and we can begin the process.

You need a reliable internet connection and a webcam. You may need earbuds it depends on your sound. We have a 30 minute chat about your goals for the session. Whether its to reduce you anxiety or depression, anger or quit smoking or anything. Then I will explain to you what will happen in the hypnosis session and we can begin. You will close your eyes when I ask you and you will keep them shut the entire session. You will be somewhere comfortable and warm, cool. If you do go to sleep for some reason, you will wake up naturally and I will be there on the other side of the screen until you do. No one has ever stayed in hypnosis. Hypnosis is really just a state of great focus and concentration so you can easily achieve this online. Think about when you watch TV . It has been said that we go into a hypnotic state within 7 seconds of watching TV. Think of my screen as your TV. Once your eyes are closed its all in the hypnotic voice and all you have to do is listen to my voice and my suggestions. The benefits to you are that you don’t have to leave home at all and still receive the help you need. Don’t put up with the pain you are experiencing on any level with anything, just cause you can’t or don’t want to see m face to face.

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