Hypnosis Coming to You in Lockdown

Online Live Hypnosis in Lockdown.

Want Hypnosis but can’t get to a hypnotist because of lockdown? There is no need to miss out at all. Want to quit smoking, lose weight – manage and reduce your anxiety?  Simple enjoy a relaxing motivating session for any goal at all. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.  Online hypnosis is live via Zoom. You just need a good connection and an iPad, PC or laptop. Cathy has helped many clients online with hypnosis successfully. Once the hypnosis starts, your eyes are closed and you just need to listen. Cathy will do the rest. Now is the perfect time to drop those bad habits and take on some new ones. You receive the session recording. Which will reinforce and make those suggestions and new positive program permanent.

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