Hypnosis Positive Thinking

I’m a person who always had quite unusual interests; Law of Attraction, witchcraft, crystal energy, natural remedies, exploring different religions such as Buddhism, taking parts in rituals from different cultures so when the opportunity to try hypnosis was given to me I simply couldn’t wait!

Honestly, I’m still sort of on a cloud 9 after my hypnotherapy session. I was in a very safe hands of an experienced hypnotherapist Cathy Barrow and I could not ask for a better person to experience this with.

Brain is the most powerful and magical organ in our bodies. We only use 20% of our brain capacity on a daily basis so imagine what we could achieve with the remaining 80%? There are numbers of ways on how to access our subconsciousness and hypnosis is one of them that enables you to attain . The key to hypnosis is repetition – we learn through repeating the information. So to simply put it you can reprogram your mind with hypnosis positive thinking daily affirmations and totally change of your mindset!

The session started off with Reiki breathing techniques that helped me to calm down and get to a more relaxed state. Then we proceeded to start the hypnosis by first simple exercise where I focused all my attention on my hand and as Cathy was repeating the commands, my fingers started tingling and my hand touched my face – and I wasn’t controlling it. Afterwards, we moved onto the exciting part of the hypnosis – accessing and exploring my brain and thoughts. Firstly, Cathy coached me with repetitive suggestions, then she proceeded with a number of different exercises where I had to imagine different scenarios and fully try & connect with my subconsciousness.

I had quite important questions that I’ve been struggling with finding answers for. I simply felt a bit lost and needed some positive guidance. I needed to make peace with myself and that session allowed me do that and more! The whole experience was just unreal to me! I felt so many emotions from sadness, compassion for myself to happiness, peace and calmness. We made a very good connection with Cathy as I could follow the instructions even before she said them out loud. I managed to access different levels of my imagination and subconsciousness and find the answers I was looking for.

The most memorable part of that session was, when Cathy asked me to imagine myself in 6 months, 1 year and 2 years time. I could see it very clearly – just snippets of everyday life but with so much detail like I was physically there. These images in my head gave me the answers of what I’ll do and where I’ll be. Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced. It really opened my mind and shifted me on the next level of mindfulness.

Ever since the session I practice Reiki breathing every morning and that sets my mood beautifully. We really underestimate the power of breathing. Simply giving yourself a time to relax and focus on this most basic physical activity – it can make all the difference. It allows us to reconnect with ourselves, take a step back and unwind, clear the mind, stop thinking just for a minute and just sit in stillness. It’s absolutely beautiful feeling – the absence of thoughts. Just you being present in that moment. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone!

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