Losing weight when you are a woman and in the 50’s is problematic and challenging with a slowing metabolism and the ravaging effects of peri menopause and menopause…
However it can be done and I am living proof of it. There are some basic rules though that you have to follow.

  1. Cut out the sugar in foods and in liquids.
  2. Move your butt regularly and do shorter workouts for me it’s jogging 3 times a week only 3- 5 kms
  3. Change your mind set to attaching pleasure not pain to the outcome.
  4. Decide this is your eating and lifestyle plan for the rest of your life

I will briefly talk about all four points.
Point 1. It took me around 16 months to lose 7 kilos I started my weight loss plan in earnest 2 years ago before I became a hypnotherapist. I was 53 years old and my weight was 78 kilos and I am 5ft 6. I hadn’t gone up in weight since my third child but I hadn’t gone down either. My background was a fitness instructor for 23 years, however I had stopped teaching at 51. So I started cutting out the sweet stuff not that I was a big sweet lover and started reducing my portions and the weight started coming off. Yes it was slow but looking back it took me a while to become disciplined again with eating and exercise. And then I plateaued at 71 kgs and went through that enormous frustration that we all go through when that happens.
And then I read David Gillespie’s Quit Sugar Sweet Poison and at first I thought yeah yeah bulla bulla and then slowly I started cutting out all sugar . You would be amazed at the sugar in food and drink.
And those last 4 kilos came off in around 4 months and I was down to 67kgs only 2 kilos heavier than when I was 25 with my first child and I have had 3 children. And everyone I know guys too who followed the quit sugar lost weight too and guys well over 50. Sugar is the leading cause of metabolic disease today.
Point 2. Exercise yes ladies you do have to do it and you do have to put the effort in and not go walking and then reward yourself with a sugary latte and cake. I swapped to long black and a shot of milk and 2 squares of chocolate.
Point 3. Change your mindset, often we do not change as we perceive there is too much pain to go through to get the outcome we want. Instead attach pleasure to the outcome and the benefits and you will change. This is where hypnosis can help you enormously by replacing the perceived pain thoughts to thoughts of pleasure in your subconscious at the outcome of losing your goal weight.
Point 4. Again it is for life and hypnosis can embed these suggestions at a subconscious level and embed the motivation and desire and benefits and replace bad eating habits with good ones for making it easier to achieve your goals when willpower is not enough. The key to weight loss is really and truly believing and feeling you can and want to lose weight and having an action plan. I would love to help you.
Here is a photo of me pre losing weight and post losing weight. The photo on the left is me in 2012 at 78kgs and the one to the right is me in 2013 November at 67 kgs

cathy another black dresscathy black dress